Ngaih ngaih…


You are now five months old today but by the time you are able to read this message, you will be smart enought to comprehend both written and speaking in English, Burmese, Chinese a part from your mother tounge, Zomi. So, you and your brothers and sisters can keep on posting and continue developing this page with your activities and school projects right on this page. I love you and your mom so very much.
Honey, always remember that Okey? You are the most wonderful person in the world! You welcome this world with smile and you entered this family with a very cute gesture in the hospital of CWH in Zangkong on Sunday morning. I praise God for you, and for your mom as well as myself because He is so great for all of us that we can not even count all the blessings he has given to us each and every day.

Lo kuan kawm, buk tep kawm hi hang

Ih pu leh pa te hun lai hi ta leh tu hun ciang dong ah a om lai khat in, lo kuan kawm in buk zong tep kawm in, khut tawh pat khau (cotton) hual lai in na hanciam tak in kisem hi. Nung zaang ah seng tawh van a dim pi in ki pua to lai hi. Zomi te in nasep hahkat minam hi a, a kitak mite ahi hi. Leitung ah Zomi te a fa ingh mi tawm veve ingh hi. Buk kiteep kawm lai hi.

Zomi ngeina ah misi a om ciang in ki lam pih hi

Nidang lai ih pu leh pate hun lai in misi khat a om tiang in ki lampih in, ki vak pih hi. Inntual zaang ngei ah ki umcih kawkawi in lampih in, sun leh zan ki om pih hi. Misi luang khat nitampi sung koih uh hi. Hi mahta leh Pasian shu ong tun zawh ciang tu bang ngeina te cidamna leh khangsak nuntak zia tawh kituaklo ci in ki nusia ta hi. Hi bel nidang a eimite ai ci nuntak uh hiam cih laksakna bek hi.