Graduation photo of your mom


Here, you will see some of the photos we took during the graduation of your Nunu.

It is M.Div. Unfortunately, she does not keep her M.A graduation but I’ll try to make it possible to have the record of it. I’m regret that I do not even keep the graduation photo of my bachelor degree. This is why I do treasure and keep memoriable photos and eventual pictures like this blog because computers are not reliable all the time and even this blog too.

Computer Training at 5 Months

Ngaih ngaih, do you remember how I wish you to grow intellectually especially in computer.

This is the photo when I teach you with my PC run on a Windows Vista- Ultimate version. By the time you see this post, you may not even aware of the existence of the windows I am using now. See, you are eager to learn and touch the key pads of my computer. I realize how good you will become someday because it has been deepely rooted in your heart. I just laught all the time because you are very interested in computer and you always try to me yourself literate with it. You will soon realize what I am talking about you se…