You are my hero Honey!


Apart from being my wife, you are my HERO.
-You’ve helped me discover my value in life.
-You’ve helped me find my talent and gift.
-You’ve give me hope and dream.
-You’ve made my life shine again.
-You’ve helped me how to let things go and how to uphold what ahead.
-You’ve helped me to face the world.
-You’ve helped me find my way.
-You’ve taught me how to forgive.
…because of you, I got to know who I really am.

You’ve help me how to cherish the past, celebrate the present and transform the future together with our dear daughter- Ngaihngaih…

I love you and ka tanu so very much.

One thought on “You are my hero Honey!

  1. Reah May 4, 2007 at 8:37 am

    found you…how are you?i see you have a wife and a kid now..:) an seo specialist …search engine optimisation..:)

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