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After searching for weeks on making Fireboard full width across my template, and trying all the suggestions posted on various forums, I gave up.

I called in reinforcements, in form of my Computer Superhero Hubby.

Here is what I did before he found the answer to all my problems.

– I headed to the Extensions -> Modules.

– I took all the menus that were in the Forums section and checked them off. This is done by going to each menu and choosing where you want your menu to appear. You can choose more than one area by holding down the Ctrl button.

– I loaded my Fireboard forum. It was still stuck on the right side, no menus in sight.

When my hubby took hold of the computer, he found it in about half an hour. This means that I would *never* have found it. With one simple line of code, he fixed my Fireboard.

– go into the Fireboard CSS (Cascading Style Sheet). It is accessed through the Fireboard name “Edit CSS File“.

– add this line right after the information at the top:

#fireboard { padding:0 5px; width:933px; margin-left: 0px;}

The width could change depending on your template, so you might need to play around with it.

Change the number “933” to something that would be approriate to your template.

If you are unsure, load it up with different scenarios on a test site. You should be able to make it work!

Basically, your Fireboard CSS should look something like this now: ( I highlighter in red the extra line)

* Fireboard Component
* @package Fireboard
* @Copyright (C) 2006 – 2007 Best Of Joomla All rights reserved
* @license GNU/GPL
* @link<>
#fireboard { padding:0 5px; width:933px; margin-left: 0px;}
/* ======= */

4 thoughts on “Fireboard Full Page Width

  1. sathish June 8, 2009 at 3:42 am

    thanks a lot bro..i was searchin for this info for a long period..keep up the good work..u rock man.

  2. Design Studio June 11, 2009 at 1:19 pm

    Tons of thanks for sharing knowldege.

  3. Design Studio June 11, 2009 at 1:19 pm

    Tons of thanks for solve this issue. Thanks again.

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