White House to Black House; a Legacy to Inspire, a Celebration to Cherish

What a world are we in to celebrate the inauguration of the new President-elect Obama!
Have we ever miss the chance to see the world as a functional organism moving towards globalization?
The civil society we live has no less favor to every human being regardless of ones skin color, religious background and ideological differences.

The world is moving toward a state of being an…Zomi Social Network

The Role of Media and the Power of Information for generation “Z” Zomi e-Citizens

[By Tg. Sianpu]

I strongly believe that “information” is power. It is a power not to be abused but rather to spread out and shared to the unreached people of the world. The right to know and the right to freedom of expression as well as the right to freedom of information should be exercised to every human kind regardless of one’s racial, religious and ideological background.
One of the reasons that draw me strongly to believe in it is to be a voice for the voiceless, and ear for the unheard suffering people of Asian countries like Burma. I personally have seen and been during 1988 revolution as well as Saffron revolution in 2008 in Myanmar. What I’ve seen with my naked eyes are not recorded in neither digital form nor by paper.

It is has been my passion at the same time my dedication to reveal the secret dark side and untold stories of abuses, human rights violations, persecutions and discrimination all kinds of discrimination to minorities. The things I’ve seen and, the experiences I’ve gone through would not be recorded anywhere because of lack of resource and most of it, because of my lack of skill in recording, writing. Therefore, to reveal the truth and to exercise the rights of a human being for the less fortunate people and outskirt areas of the world who will feel relief by my thoughtful contribution and reflection of what it was, what it is and what it can become for a life-changing world.
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Video sharing sites

Video sharing sites

There are a lot of video sharing sites around. You’re sure to have heard about YouTube, Revver or Dailymotion, but there are many others competing to be the number one, or targeting a specific audience, whether geographically (China, Japan, Turkey…), by language (German, Arabic, French…) or for the kind of content they enable to publish (cooking, planes, extreme sports…).

Depending of the type of video you want to publish, it could be better to do it in a less-known sharing video site that effectively matches its content than in the most renown ones. Your video will not be lost in the middle of hundreds of thousands others, and it will be seen by people more interested by it (and you can still publish it on the top sharing sites at the same time). You should also check our section about how to make money with your video (after all, to get a revenue for your creativity is also rewarding, don’t you think?)

Here is an exhaustive list of the most influencial ones. Of course, we sure have forgotten some. If you know about a video sharing site that we could list here, please tell us about it. We will add it as soon as possible.

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Video sharing sites sorted alphabetically with their niche.

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Sort: alphabetically, by country, by niche, by rank, by latest added.

Video sharing sites sorted alphabetically with their niche.

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Zo Times Logo Contest

Below is a forward news from zotimes. It is interesting yet creative for the youngstars to take part in.

ZoTimes.net Contest

This new membership site, ZoTimes.net still needs a lot to work on. One of them being, a header with a really cool slogan/tagline to go with it. So this will be a header design contest with a cool tagline.

The really cool thing is you can be as creative as you want the site to be! I mean, if you notice, I only introduce this site as a “membership site”. The site will be defined by how the members use it! So, it really boils down to how you want to use this new site.

Rules and Regulations:

1. You should be a member of ZoTimes.net.
2. Your designs should be original and unique.
3. One* Unlimited submission(s) per person.
4. Please include a small write up of yourself, your blog/site, etc with your submission.
5. I will have full rights to all submissions regardless of using them or not.
6. Please send your submissions to careysuante@gmail.com with the subject line “ZoTimes Header Contest”.
7. Your submission should reach me by 31st January, 2009.
8. Please use your own email when sending your entry; I will be informing the winner via email only. If you have paypal account please do mention in your submission mail.
9. Winner will be announced on 1st February 2009 both here at Zo Aw and at ZoTimes.net.
10. All decisions will be final and binding. I do not entertain complaints and discussions on my decisions.
11. Bonus point: If you write about this contest on your blog or site and link to this post, you are guaranteed bonus preference point instantly! Also, comments on this post will carry more weight!

What’s the prize?

Rs 1000 plus a link to your blog/site from Zo Aw and ZoTimes and my upcoming new site! (NB: Any sponsors for prizes are welcomed! Please contact me via the contact page.)

*A suggestion from Kima of Mizohican . Thanks Kima you earn a link!

Another Update: I would like to add another condition to the contest that is: There should be at least 5 persons participating in this contest. Otherwise I will simply choose my favourite from the submissions (of course giving credit to the designer and linking to his site but no monetary prize as there won’t be a contest!) and use it on Zo Times.

And if there are enough contestants (ie more than 4) I will take the contest to Zo Aw readers by running a poll where they will choose their favourite amongst the designs submitted instead of me doing all the hard work!

Looking forward to your creative designs!

PS: Feel free to digg and stumble this contest!

More information here… http://zoaw.blogspot.com/2009/01/zotimesnet-header-design-contest.html