Tough Times Never Last, But Tough People Do

“God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.”

(2 Tim. 1:7)

-Failure doesn’t mean you are a failure…it does mean you haven’t succeeded yet.

-Failure doesn’t mean you have accomplished nothing…it does mean you have learned something.

-Failure doesn’t mean you have been a fool…it does mean you had a lot of faith.

-Failure doesn’t mean you’ve been disgraced…it does mean you were willing to try.

-Failure doesn’t mean you don’t have it…it does mean you have to do something in a different way.

-Failure doesn’t mean you are inferior…it does mean you are not perfect.

-Failure doesn’t mean you’ve wasted your life…it does mean you have a reason to start afresh.

-Failure doesn’t mean you should give up…it does mean it will take a little longer.

-Failure doesn’t mean you’ll never make it…it does mean it will take a little longer.

-Failure doesn’t mean God has abandoned you…it does mean God has a better idea.

Tough Times Never Last, But Tough People Do in “You can Become the Person You Want to Be” (p. 98-99).

ZOCIA Forum Finally Fixed!

Well, today is a great day after months and days of headaches because of the error found in

It was down for about what? Well, more than 6 months (probably) and I can’t believe I’ve given up with the mess in database conflict after transferring the the server to a new server.

It didn’t help any after trying different methods but finally was able to manage to fix. Its worth of trying again. I’ve learned to see that in life, obstacles, challenges will always be around but NEVER GIVEUP is the key. It makes sense now that even if I’ve left this project aside, after retouching it sometime later, its OK now!

ZCF in Logo (emblem) akibang nei kim ciat thei lai leh

ZCF Khempeuh in By-Laws neih ding hoih kasak ban ah, ZCF khempeuh in Logo akibang ahih kei leh a kibang dektak nei ciat lai leh zong tampi tak hoih lai ding in ka ummawh hi.

Tua logo pen bang teng kigawm, bang logo hi ding hiam cih leh:

1. Zomi ihihna hong ki langsak, Zomi akilang sak (something that symbolizes Zomi).
2. Christian ihihna aki theisak (something that symbolizes Christian/ Christianity).
3. Fellowship cih a kilangsak.
-Fellowship icih ciang in Koinonia (Greek) pumkhat bang a, innkuankhat, bang a sepkhopna, ki lawmtat takpina, lungsim leh sepkhiatna ah ki thukhatna lahna cih ahih mah bang in sepkhopna/ kipawlkhopna hong ki langsak (something that symbolizes Unity/ Uniformity etc.) hi leh hoih lai ding hi.
A mun leh gam zui in a min zong ki bang khinlo thei ding hi.

Tua ciang Fellowship icih hang Fellowship cih min lah a pua tuanlo, Church min lah a puatuanlo zong om lai ding hi.
-ZIS (Zomi Innkuan Singapore)
-ZIP (Zomi Innkuan Philippines akici CZP)
-Tabernacle Zomi Fellowship (Malaysia) etc.

Pawl khatte Fellowship min lah pua tuanlo, Church min lah pua tuanlo napi Pawlpi paizia zong om kha mai thei ding hi.
Bang bang ahi zong in logo vai ah ahih leh tua logo kibang kim ban ah a omna gam uh a kilangsak a omna gam te symbol tawh zong gawm khop theih veve.

Tua hi in tua ZCF khempeuh kipawlna pi pen Zomi Christian Council, cih dan pian a ahi zong,ZCF khempeuh amal amal in kipawl hilo in, a vek a kigawm khawm kipawlna khat om henla, HQ bang nei leh zong sialua lo ding cih dan hi.

A tung a teng pen keima mimal muhna ahih mah bang in Fellowship leh Church kibanglo icih sam hangh in a picin theih na ding hanciam huai veve kasak man in hih thu teng hong sung kahi hi.

Zomi leh Khazih a ding in,

Tg. Sianpu


Zomi Christian Fellowship Vs. By-Laws & Constitution

Zomi Christian Fellowship Vs. By-Laws & Constitution cih thulu tawh lai tawm ka gelh nuam hi.
Leitung mun tuamtuam ah Zomi ihih nakleh biakna neilo ki omlo phial a, tua sung ah a tamzaw pen Christian akicite kitam pen hi.

ZCF ci-in mun tuamtuam ah i nei a, ahih hang in well structured ZCF i nei nai kei hi ki leng kikhial lualo ding hi.
Cih ciang in a omsate khauhpai kei cihna hilo zaw in, tu a sang in akician zaw (a organize zaw deuh in) ki pai thei lai kha ding hi cih upna ahi hi.
Zomi Christian Fellowship icih ciang in tua Fellowship mailam (direction) a om loh phamawh hi.

ZCF om nailo ahih man in ZCF bawl ni, kilawm leh a om nailo kaht a om sak ding hoih hi cih ciang tawh ZCF i bawl leh bel tua ZCF kum 10 a val phial zong in a sepzawh ding zah leh a gah ding zah gah cing zolo kha thei ding hi. Cih ciang in kipawlna khat peuhpeuh; Biakna ahi a, Social, Politic ahi zong in kipawlna khat in tupna a neih ding kisam a, ngimna a om loh phamawh hi. Tuabang a om kei leh direction neilo leh omlo gunpi sung a gunkuang tawh kibang thei kha ding hi cih pen i theihsa ciat hi.

Tua ahih leh ZCF khat in By-Laws neih ding hoih a sak leh tua Biakna kipawlna i thkhun a omma in a nuai a kammal (3) telngaihsut ding zong thupi kha ding hi.
1. Zomi – Zomi icih bang ciang leh bang teng?
2. Christian- Christian icih bang teng ciang huam ding?
3. Fellowship- Hih kammal pen a thupi pen leh i ngaihsut pen ding in kisam kasak thu ahi hi.
Zomi tampi tak in Fellowship, Fellowship hi lel e, Fellowship hi ven cih paulap in ki makaih toto a, i mah ta leh tua a beisa a picingna te sang a picing zaw leh a muantak, suantak zaw ding in ki kalsuan to theilai cih phawk ding thupi ding hi.

-“Fellowship” cih kammal bang cih khiat, bang ci san ihiam cih tungtawn ZCF khat i mailam ding leh kalsuan zia ding tampi hong ki lamdang ding hi.

“ZCF in By-Laws nei ding” cih kammal i gen ciang in ZCF i Doctrine ding cihna hi lo cih zong i telcian ding kisam ding hi.
ZCF member tuamtuam a tamzaw in Fellowship khat ahih leh By-laws nei theilo ding, or kituaklo ding or lem theilo ding cih ngaihsutsa in anei uh ahi hi.
A tatak in By-Laws icih leh Doctrine icih pen aki batloh lam i tel nak leh Fellowship khat in i zuih ding, lam hong lak ding Guide/ Big Book icih By-Laws om kei leh
bang cih bang in picing tak in kalsuan zo ding cih pen a ngaihsut hak mahmah thu ahi hi.

Tua ahih man in By-Laws neiding, bawlding cih ciang in Doctine bu bawl ding cih hi zenzenlo hi. Tua ahih man in Kipawlna khat peuhpeuh, ZCF a kipan picing tak in saupi, picing tak in a kalsuan ding i deih leh By-Laws i neihloh a phamawh ahi hi.

By-Laws nei leng a deih cing pah ding maw leh?
-By-Laws i nei a, Constitution tuamtuam i nei zong in i zuih kei leh ki lamdanna tam khollo ding hi. Tua ahih man in i neih ding akisap ban ah, i zuih ding zong thupi zaw lai hi.

By-Laws icih in Doctrine hilo ahih man in picing na ding in akisam, a om loh phamawh khat ahi hi. A tom in gen leng “Manual” dan zong ahi hi. Van khat i lei ciang in bang cih thuah ding, bang cih zat ding, bang ci kap ding cih “Guide” manual ahi a, By-Laws icih zong tuadan mah ahi hi. Lau ding leh By-Laws omlo in zong tu ciang i lawhcing khin ve cih ding lam a leh lak dinghilo zaw in, By-Laws lotawh tu a zah lawhcing ihih leh, nei lai leng bang zah in kician (organize) zaw lai ding hiam cih ding ahi hi.

Lam khat pan By-Laws a om kei leh i kipawlna pen thu a sim ding zong hi kei ci a tuat ding zong lah ahi khin sam kei hi.

Kipawlna khat picing in mite muan leh suan ding a diakdiak Zomilo (NGO, Pawlpi dangte) tawh i kizop nop leh By-Laws nei ding akisam mahmah ahi hi.
Mite’ hong muanna zong khang a, zong ki mazang zaw tham hi.

Kipawlna, Kipawlkhawm in sepna, Kipawl in Sepkhopna, Kipawlkhawm in sepkhopna ahih man in a diakdiak Fellowship-te ah By-Laws beek i neih kei leh Lai Siangtho lah version tuamtuam, akibanglo zong a zang om ding ihih man in i lawhtak ding, i zuih ding pen By-Laws bek mah a om ding kisam hi.

Ka gen noppi ah bel: “Fellowship” khat hi “Lel” ahih man in By-Laws neihding/ zatding lemlo hi cih mipi pawlkhat i muh khialhna pen Zomi sung ah a om loh na ding hipi pen hi.

I neih loh zong tu a zah ihih leh, nei lai leng ki picing zaw lai ding hi cih deihsakna tawh,

Leitungbup a om Zomi Christian kipawlna tuamtuam te ah By-Laws neih ding a lunggulh leh tua kipawlna tuamtuamte a gam zui in kibang khinlo ding hi mah ta leh, a thu guipi pawl khat akibang in Uniform dan in zat theih leh zong hoih kasa toto lai hi.

Zomi leh Khazih a ding,

Taang Sianpu

Essence of Pentecostalism and Its Movement

The term “Demon-centric” would mostly have a negative impact to the audience while “Holy Spirit” seems to be Sweet and Beautiful in itself whether one experiences it or not. However, the practical reality of being Pentecostal is “Experiencing the Spirit (Holy Spirit) and not Otherwise.” Experiencing demonic activities would not determine one’s Spirit of Pentecostalism. Yes.
So, in Pentecostalism, I would classify a few categories:
1. One who Thinks Its Reasonable to believe.
2. One who Believes in It.
3. One who Accepts it.
4. One who Experiences, Practices, Lives with.
So, nowadays many who claim Pentecostals are no longer Pentecostal while some others are Experiencing it though they would never label with it.

The presence of Demonic belief is not a good measurement to proof that there is The Spirit around. Well, many would sidetracked on their Journey of Faith. After all, Pentecostalism is a Movement as in Pentecostalization (Globalization) rather than a doctrine or dogma.
(Its a personal thought though).