A though on our people

In the context of “The Panglong Agreement, 1947” the representatives from Chin Hills are not representing their villange (i.e, Saizang). If we look at those label after their name, we can see since those time how much diverse or how much eagerness we have to diversify ourselves base on the village and towns.

Chin Hill Representatives
1. Pu Hlur Hmung (Falam)
2. Pu Thawng Za Khup (Tiddim)
3. Pu Kio Mang (Haka)

The above three of them did not represent their own villages. If it were then Thawng Za Khup was not from Tedim town but from Saizang just like the other two are. If we are keen to mention the birth place of Pu Thawng Za Khup, we might likewise need to include the villages of Pu Hlur Hmung and Pu Kio Mang. We (including me?) have a habit of digging very detail of our history by village, clan or religious denomination instead of a broader, including and general overview which could unify us better. (We know the village of Pu Thawng Za Khup which is Saizang village of Tedim Township but not the other two, at least in my limited knowledge).

Therefore, they are representative of the (3) main Townships in Chin Hill during those days. Tedim (Tiddim) is a general term for people living in the current Tedim, Tonzang and Cikha (3) townships as well as some who are in the Kalay Kabaw Valley and Saggaing Divisions in the context of the Panglong Agreement. I repeatedly mention the word “G-Group.” People from the North who uses no “R” in their alphabet. They canbe referred to as the “Ciimnuaimi” while the other group can be identified as “Laimi” group (The “R” Group).

After decades of political struggle in Burma from the Top; we the other ethnic groups have a habit of identifying ourselves into smaller and smaller pieces by village/ religion/ clan etc. It have changed quite a lot of the structure of our society today and our perspectives in general in how we communicate each other.

For instance, when we say “Tedim” one could see people from Tedim Town while some others would refer people only from the Tedim Town or Tedim Township as a whole (including Siyin areas/ regions, Saizangs, Khuano and many others etc.). In that case, I personally won’t fit in any of those definition since I am from Tonzang township but speaking the Teizang dialect (accent) originally.

TEDIM (TEDDIM) in in the context of “The Panglong Agreement” refers to the whole regions of the current Tedim, Tonzang and Cikha Townsips in which Thado (Kuki) & Zo (Zou) is regarded as a group of major adherents in Tonzang townships at some contexts. Whether you write Tedim or Tiddim you refer to the same speaking people group or Tedim speaking group of people (i.e, Sizaang, Zo, Teizang and all the others).

During the formation of the ZBC (Zomi Baptist Convention in March 5-7, 1953), the term ZOMI was accepted collectively as our common name for the whole Chin Hills while “Chin” is also regarded as an alternate name given by the British as our national identity. But things have chanced since then. We not only diversify Chin and Zomi seperately but also Villages, Religious Denominations, Clans, Townships and Towns etc. Therefore, we, the new generation have a social responsibility to reunite all these splintering groups- The Brotherhood!

Who are we waiting for to fix all these, if not now & in our generation? 

I can foresee that in the next decade, some of our generations might struggle with identity crisis especially those who migrate in the West. 

Therefore, we need to compile a common platform. We might not be able to work on with the existing platforms since our seniors have tried for decades and have not completely success yet. So, we might need to find a new approach and method to reunite all of our people regardless of once’s identity preferences, creeds, townships, dialects, accents, geographical boundaries (Especially for India and Myanmar while keeping in mind of the Bangladesh too).

Zomi minam a om masak man hi zaw hi

Tutung a pen nidang a tawh kibang lianlo in party registration policy kibang nawnlo hi. A criteria pen a beisa kum 20 lai tawh kibang nawnlo cih ding zong ahi hi.

-Party registration pen minam omhi cih register bawlna hi khin tuanlo hi. (party recognition pen tribal/ ethnicity/ national recognition hi lian samlo hi. Kinai mahmah napi in hi khin lian lo deuh hi). Nidang in “party min (name of the party)” in hong sang zong hi thei a, tutung a pen “Zomi cih bang minam om ahih lam hong nak tel mahmah ta uh ahih man un, minam min tawh hong phallo uh zong hi zaw kha lai ding hi.” 

UN, US leh mite in hong thei icih leuleu tungtang ah, ZNC ihih man a hong thei zong hi khin masa lo hi. BNC ici a, KNC ici zong in, i sep a kibang a, i hihna a kiban nak leh hong hei ding uh ahi hi. Cihnopna ah “Z” a kihel man bek a hong ki thei hi masa lo a, hong ki theih nading mun, lampi ah i om khak man ahi zaw hi. ZNC lo, TNC ahi phial zong in a tua dan ding mah hi lel kha ding hi.

Hih i genna a hang in khat veivei ciang in i minam pen ki it mahmah a, tua dungzui in ihihna sang in zong a lianzaw in i ki deih muh thei hi. Hoih mahmah a, ahi zong in tua bang a tamluat ciang (over positive) ei leh ei ihihna lian kimu lo thei leuleu ihih man in, i hanciam beh nading, i khantoh beh nading lampi hong kikhak thei leuleu hi. Ihihna ciang tawh lungkim lua zaw in hanciam beh ding lam phawk kha nawnlo cih te pawl… 

Khat veivei ciang in “Lawi khekhap mu ihih man in, hih kim ah lawi om ding hi” cih dan lampang pan i en thei hi. Tu laitak a i kisap tak in ahih leh tuadan hilo zaw in, lawi om ahih man in khekhap nei hamtang ding hi (a khekhap kisuak zo ding zah dong in lei a nip leh)” cih ding hi zaw hi.

Tua mah bang in ZOMI a om lam i prove tak ciang in 1990s lai in zong ZNC om khin ahih man in Zomi a om takpi hi (hi ding hi), ZBC om ahih man in Zomi cih a om hi kha ding hi” ki ci thei hi. Tua zong hi napi in, ahi zong in tulaitak a i dinmun tawh a kituak zaw thu ah bel:-
-Zomi minam om ahih man in ZNC khong zong na om a,
-ZBC cih khong zong na ki nei hi cih lam hi zaw leh hoih hi.


Website khat leh nih gtn, myanmar.com sung ah zong ki koih ahih teh ZOMI cih bang a om takpi hi, leh cih zawk ding hilo a, Zomi a om takpi ahih man in a tung a teng a om hi a, Zomi a om lam ZNC, ZBC, MMWebsite, MRTV etc. bek hilo in, i omna leh ihihna hong kithei zo taktak nailo hi zaw a, hanciam toh toh lai ding hi zaw ding hi… cih lam sang i bulphuh zawk ding thupi ding hi.
1-2 pen, 2-1 in leh bulh kha kei ni. Tua hang mah in zong lungphlakna (demonstration) pen sep masak ding lam hilo a, sep nunung ding lam (the last thing we will do) aci ihi zaw hi.

ZNC register hong ki piak ngei man in Zomi a om hilo a, ZBC i neih man in Zomi minam a om hilo a, Zomi minam tang a, tuan a om ahih manin a tung a min tuamtuamte a om ahi zaw hi!

I zungpi bang tan a kip nai hiam?

Zomi tampi tak in i lunghih mawh leh, i buaipih ahi tutung a i tuah Zomi min vai leh ZNC vai ah thu dang tampite i ngaihsut ding akisap mahbang in ei leh ei zong kidot phak kik ding thu pawl khat om kha ding hi.
Pawl khat in tutung i buaina pen hong khia, hong tai, hong haza a om man hi ci uh hi. Hong haza zongom mah in teh, en zong mi haza thei ihih teh. Ahi zong in a thupi ah, mi hatzat ciang tawh i vai kitan zo ding ciang ahih leh i zung thupi kha zo nailo, i khuam kip zo tak nailo, i foundation khauh nailo cihna hi kha ding hi. Huih tawm cik khat a mut sim in, i inn khuam hong ki ling ziahziah pah mawk leh pen i khuam kip zo tak nailo cihna hi.
Politics ah, national issue ah tu a i tuahdan pen a masa lam hi zaw lai ding a, mailam ah i geel bang in nakpi in kipan ding hi leng, tu a i tuak zah sang a khauhpai zaw tektek hong om to lai ding hi. Hong om gige den ding hi zawli a, tuate bang ci bang in a hunlap in solution mu zo, zong zo cih tung ah kingah ding hi. Buaina a omsim in lungphlakna (demonstration) nei zihzeh zo den lo ding hangh a, nuakbawlna tawh na khempeuh kizo thei tuanlo hi. Leh kikna pen (solution hi den lo a), khat veivei ciang lamhaksa pi i paina ah, i mai ah lam a kikhak leh i hon sawm ding a, a hun lap in i hon zawh kei leh, lam i pelh ding a, mailam mah i pai teta teitei ding hi.
Hau nuamlua kisa si phot zawzen acih bang in, khauhpai nuamlua kisa, nung kik zawzen phot in, tua i nungkik kikal in mi dangte in mun na la khin ding uh a, ukna leh thu leh la neihnate amau khutsung ah na koih man ding uh hi. Tua pen mite’ sawm gige thu khat ahi hi. Tua ahih man in hau nuamlua kisa sih sawm phot zawzen lozaw in, gualzo lua ding kisa nungkik masa phot zawzen nailo zaw in, mailam mah i pai theih nading lampi teel theih ding om lai veve ahih man in, khawl (pause) ding leh nungkik ding ngaihsunlo a, mai i nawt ding thupi ding hi.
Midangte’ hazat ciang tawh i mailam a kikhak tan zaw lai a, haksatna khat i tuak i kantan zawh kei a, lami i muh zawh kei a leh, mailamg ciang hih sang a haka zaw i tuah ciang bang cih nawn mawk ding ihi hiam? 
Tutung a pen ei leh ei kiet hun hita hi. Kum 20 val sung om khin hangh. A hun zong sawtpi hi in, a phung zong kum 20 sung in kip khin zo lel hi ci in i om muang lua kha hiam? I langte thusimlo in (underestimate) kha hiam? Ei leh ei bang ciang kip, i dinna i bulpi bang ciang kho, i khuampi bang zah in khauh cih kisittel theih nading hun khat angah ihi hi. Minam bup khantoh theih nading in ei leh ei ki etkikna ding hun, i dinmun lian i kitheih nading hun a nei ihi a, hih tungtawn in lesson i lak theih a, pilna i laksiam a leh a khangto ta ding ihi hi. 
Hih hang in i lung a kiat a, i tha a dah a, i thanem a leh i gualzawhna ding ki gamla tektek ding cih theihsa ahi hi. Kum tampi phata ci in i ki muang kha hiam? Tuma kum nih leh thum khong a hong suak pan naungekte in hong deep in, hong zahthawh bawl kha ahi ding hiam? Ei leh ei ki sitkik nading hun, ei leh ei ki etkkik nading hun ahi a, i bulpi a kip naikei leh i a kip theih nading in lami i zong mengmeng ding hun ahi ta hi.
I bulpi bang zah dong a kip hiam?
(How firm is our foundation?)

Zomi akici minam omlo hilo a, Zomi in ciaptehna minam min a omlo bek ahi zaw hi.

Zomi akici minam omlo hilo a, Zomi in ciaptehna minam min a omlo bek ahi zaw hi.

Zomi a ding in a sem ding i kiging khin (ready) takpi mah hiam cih zong kidot kik huai ding hi.

A beisa kum 20 sung in i sep, i sepsa, i mapanlaknasa ahih leh Zomi omlo hi cih thu ciang thu haksapi hi mawk ding hiam?
Tua ciang buang leitungbup Zomi te zawzen kullo in a mun leh a mual a omte in nana siangsak (solution) thei zo lua ding uh h ilo hiam?

Tu a pen a masa khong hi pan ding a, mailam ah democracy tatak tawh kiukna hong om ciang in tu a bek thamlo a dawn hak ding tawh akibang

nono, dotna haksa tuamtuam hong ging khia ziahziah ding a, tuate a dawng zo ding, lungiangna omlo in, sawpi ngaihsut dedu kulo in i dawng kik zo pah ziauziau ding hiam? I ready nai takpi hiam?

A beisa kum 20 val sung a kithawi khinsa hi ve hang in, tu a issue khat ciangciang buang pyisian (siansuah) zo lua ding hilo ihi hiam?

-I theih ding ah “Kawlgam ah Zomi a omlo hi” hongci uh hilo in, Zomi cih minvawh ciaptehna tawh aki ciamteh omlo hi cih bek hi.

-Hih pen bang tawh kibang phial mawk hiam cih leh “Kawlgam” cih bang omlo hi. Leitungbup ah Kawlgam omlo hi cih tawh kibang hi.

Kawlgam cih pen Myanmar historical book, ethnic min leh dictionary sung ah “Kawlgam” cih kammal omlo hi. Ahi zong in Kawlgam a om lua hizaw a, Kawlte zong a om lua uh ahi hi.

-Myanmar ah official ki ciaptehna sung ah “Minam phungpi (8)” phasak a tua sung ah: “Kachin, Kaya, Kayin, Chin, Mon, Myanmar, Rakhine” ahi hi.

Tua sung ah “Bamar” zong omlo a, “Burmese” zong omlo hi. Tua ciaptehna sung ah Zomi omlo ahih man in Zomi cih bang omlo hi, tua ciaptehna sung ah Myanmar bek om ahih man in Burmese or Bama omlo hi cih theih hilo hi. 135 sung ahi a, 101 sung ah bel om mah hi. Ahi zong in tua ciaptehnate pen kua bawl hi a, kua ciaptehna hiam cih thupi hi.

Tua ahih man in tutung a i thu leh i lavai pen Zomi cih bang minam omlo hi cihna hi zaw lo a, Zomi lian in ki ciamteh lo hi acihna ahi lel hi.

Tua ahih man in sau ngaihsut lua ihih man in a ki buai hi zaw a, tom lak mahmah leng Myanmar leh Burma pen akibang, aki level hi icih mahbang in, Zomi leh Chin pen aki level hi a, a tatak in Zomi peng Chin sang in zong a zai zaw lai hi cih tawh nana dawng kik ziau uh hi leh thu tamlua lungkham kul kholo khading hi. Ahih hang in Zomi pen Chin natawm tawh zong ki level saklo in Tedim leh Tonzang township ciang bek ah a tuaksuk sak nuam pawl khatmah na om lai veve ahih man in, a buai buai ihi zaw hi.

Politics icih taktak pen a thu in huam ding hi a, a sepna taktak ciang amau a ding ciat a sem ahi hi. Chin min tawh Chin state bup a huam sak uh hang in, K lamte mah a bulphuh uh ahi hi. Zomi a deihte in zong a kilawmsakna ciang bek in a Zomi deihlo te, a Chin State bup ciang beek huamsak pong in, a sepna taktak ciang bel ahih leh “eimi” aci teng tung mah ah i tuksak zawhlohna pen “strategy” i neih loh man nahi a, khuak ngaihsutna tampi mah kisam lai cihna hi. Tua pen a diakdiak politics minvawh kipawlna i makaite in hong nak ngaihsut phat mahmah ding uh thu ahi hi.
Laikung, Laidal tawh zong i prove zawh kei phial leh (i prove zawh kei zenzen leh) logic i zat ding ahi hi. Tuatawh pen, Zomi ciaptehna omlo hi cih ciangciang ki nak nial zawh lua ding, ki dawngkik zo lua hi. Kawlte, Kawlgam ici ci a, amau ciaptehna ah Kawlte cih a khiatna natawm theilo ding uh hi. Ahih hang in Kawlte’ icih Burmese, Bama a omlo hilo hi!

ZNC leh Zomi-te’ Mailam

ZNC leh Zomi-te’ Mailam[May 21, 2012; Tg. Sianpu]
                Tutung kiteelna lut kik ding maw, lutkiklo ding cih zong khentat haksa I sak  mahmah kawmkal ah, a tawpna peetpeet ah lug ding thukimna a om tawh kizui in ei mahbang in NLD te khong zong lut kik teei uh ahih teh cina in ZNC zong lutkik ding hong vaihawm hi. Ahi zong in en lut ding leh lut kik loh ding khensat haksa I sak mahmah nabang lo in, lut ding i khensat khit natawm ciang puah kik nading leh min laih ding mah hong omsak in nolh kik ki tuak leuleu (2010 lai in en khat vei na nolh, na nuaktak san khin ihih man in amau zong tun 2012 ciang hong thukkik a, hong nolh ki uh hiam cih huai phial hi) uh hi.
Tua hi leh tu in I lut kik nop teitei leh min khel nading in hun neih pen ni (10) sung bek mah a om ahi hi. Tua ni sawm sung in i sep ding akilawm pawl khat om a, teel theih ding zong pawl khat mah om hi. Tuate lak pan pawl khat kikunm suk ni:
1.       Register theih phot limlim nading in minam minte ahi Zomi/ Chin zang vetlo zaw in mindang (neutral) khat (Gtn. United People’s Party, United Ethnic Nationalities etc.) tawh lut ding.
2.       Zomi min mah tawh i ngah mateng in hanciam in, I ngah kei leh register vetlo in nuaksan phot ding.
3.       Chin min khat peuhpeuh tawh register bawl masa phot lel in dam in laih kik sawm ding.
4.       Tutung in register bawl nailo zaw ding in 2015 ciang in thathak san in ki lim pat mahmah zaw ding.
Sep theih ding leh teel thei ding tampi i neih kawmkal ah bang bang i teel zong in i sep i bawl ding hun pen tuni (May 20, 2012) tawh sim ni 10 sung bang bek a a nei lai ihi hi.
1.       Tutung in register bawl nailo zaw ding in (2015) ciang in ki lim pat mahmah zaw ding
                Khentat haksa leh thu baihlo khat in hong muaktuah ahih man in I gamtat nading hun tawm om lai lua ahih man in, thu leh la khat peuh I sep a I spe khialh sang in dam tak in ngaihsut tohtoh kawm in tutung kiteelna pen hici sak phot in, hong pai ding 2015 kiteel tatak hun ciang in nakpi in thathak san in kipan kik leng hoih zaw kha ding hi.
                A min laih ding hi leng I tupna leh I ngimna pi akibang phial zong in lai nasep (paper work) tampi mah min thak, kalsuan zia thak tawh kituak ding in laih toh kul ding ahih man in ni (10) sung in bang mah pi ki zo manlo ding a, a laklawh pi in I kalsuan veve sang in, tutung hici sak phot in, mai kum sawn lam ah kihel pan leng khialhna tawm pen leh kilawm hi. Vai khat peuhpeuh I vaihawm ciang in thu khensatna manlang lua pen ki khial baih mahmah zaw ahih man in minam bup vai, mailam vai pen tu le tu a ngaihsut pah a, sep tawh I thuah pah kawm sak in kiteelna kik ah tha san in kipan kik zaw ni. Tu leh tu a kipat pah khengkhang ding hi lo hi. A picin vaitak in kalsuan ding hoih zaw kha ding hi. Mipi lak kikup hun leh, geel hun tam kingha zaw lai ding hi suak hi.
                Kawlgam kikhel hi icih hang in a kikhel pawl khat a om bek hi a, akikhel ding a I lunggulhna pi lian bang a kikhel tuan nailo ahih man in hici gal et lai phot in, kikhelna tuamtuamte hong kizom ding maw, hong din khawl ding cihte ahi zong in din ngak phot in I et kawm in, I hun neih kum (3) sung ah thathak lakna ni. Tua hun sung in capacity building, community development leh human resource & financial resource tuamtuamte kaihkhop nading in zang leng hoih zaw kha ding hi. Mailam a ding kigin kholhna hi zaw ding hi.
2.   Chin min khat peuhpeuh tawh register bawl masa phot lel in dam in lai kik sawm ding
                Kumpi thu vaihawmnate ah lengla I suah theih nading, zin I suah theih nading leh inntek I suah theih nading in kihel loh a phamawh thu ahi hi. Zomi te in kiteelna ah I lutnop, register I bawl nop pen a min ding bek, min deih man bek in a lut sawm pong ihi hiam, ahih kei leh I gam leh I lei, I minam a ding in a sem nuam takpi ihi hiam? A min lian sang in, sep leh bawlna tawh I gam leh nam itna I lah theih nading in a sung ah lut phot phot kul a, Zomi min tawh hong lut sakloh zenzen uh hang lungkia tuanlo in, hong lut sakna min khat tawh lut masa phot limlim in a nungsang ah damdam in eima deih khat tawh I laih kik ding hoih zaw ding hi.
                Min tawh I buai sang in, min vailo tawh sepna leh mapanna I neih theih nading in bang min, bang min hi ta leh phamawh nailo zaw hi. Zomi bek icih tentan hang in zong I Kawlgam sung kiukzia leh I kalsuan ziah sung ah, a diakdiak in I ID (mat pong tin) sung mahmah ah zong “Chin” mah hong kici veve a, I deih a, I deih kei zong in tua I zat pen khialh luatna omlo ding hi. Chin min khat vawh in lut hi leng zong amau hong vawhna en a deih hi masa lo zaw a, gam leh nam a ding in I lut theih nading, I inntek theih nading in I zolbawlna hi sak zaw ding hi hangh.
                Zomi pan in min dang khat in laih ding hong cihna zong Zomi sung a namke (sub ethnic group) min khat ta ciang khong tawh hong nen siah suk a, I bawl ding (divide and rule policy) mah a zang lai ahih man un, I lut ding hong phal leh hong phalloh pen Chin min khat tawh laih leng zong paulap khat peuh, paubanna khat peuh hong nei sak toto lai ding maw, hong sang zo takpi ding cih zong ki gen thei nai tuan lo lai hi. Tua ahih man in eima deih masak leh ihihna min tatak tawh a bucing suahtakna I ngah masiah a lem bangbang in I kalsuan phot kul ahih man in Chin min khat tawh lut phot in, a nung sang ciang in a hun lem khat I ngah a, inn sung ah I inntek hun tak ciang dam in laih kik zaw ding hi hangh. Chin min tawh mi dangte, township dangte zong huam zo zaw ding hi hangh. Democracy gam hong hi takpi leh a tamzaw I deihna mah hong kimang ding ahih na tawh kizui in tua hun ciang in I hihna tatak, I minam min tatak tawh dam laih kik zaw ding hangh a, tu in I lut theih phot hot ding thupi masa hi.
3.       Zomi min mah tawh i ngah mateng in hanciam in, I ngah kei leh register vetlo in nuaksan phot ding
                Zomi-te ngeina ah “ngal ha paksa tumkik lo” naci hi. Tua ahih mah bang in, Zomi min tawh a beisa kum 20 lai pek in I ngahsa, hong ki sang sa, tua I ngah ma natawm in zong Zomi pen tang a tuan a, a omsa, I neihsa I pianpih minam min ahih man in cik mah hun ciang in a ki laih thei ding bang hilo hi. Kitelna a om a, a om kei zong in Zomi ihihna ki behlap tunalo, lah mang thang tuanlo hi. Ihihna ki laih ngei tuanlo hi. Kumpi leh policy aki laih zong Zomi kilaih ngeilo hi.
                Tutung kiteelna ah I lut zong in bang mah sep theih lua aki nei ding hi nai tuanlo a, hong pai ding kum 2015 ciang bek hi pan ding ahih man in tutung a pen iplah huai lua nailo lel hi. Tu hun petpet ciang in Kawlgam suahtakna ngah ta, Democracy kiukna tawh kiukna hi ci ahihna uh tawh kizui in tu a hong bawl dan uh pen Human Rights violation khat hi a, I minam min pen tu leh tu a I bawltawm, I phuahtawm hilo ahih man in cikmah hun ciang in ki laih thei ngeilo ding hi. Parliament (lotdaw) ah tutphah deih man bek in I pianpih Zomi min pen Chin tawh khek lo ding hi hangh. Utong ahi sa, va-ak suak kik lo ding hi hangh.
                Zomi taisan lo ding hi hangh. A beisa kum 20 val sung teng Zomi mah tawh hong sansa, bang hang in tu in hong sanglo ding hiam? Tua ahih man in hih pen ki bawlsiatna leh ki simmawhna ahih man in Kawlte’ cih bangbang in talo ding hi hangh. Gamsung, gampua kumpi lam leh tungsiahte zum kongmai teng ah demonstration (rally) bawl ding hangh a, Zomi hong sansak loh pen lungpholakna nei kawikawi ding hi hangh. Zomi te mi cih cih in talo ding hi hangh. Ahi thei zah in Zomi mah tawh phul ding hangh a, lungpholakna zong nei kawikawi ding hi hangh. A tawpna ah hong san nop tuankei uh leh tutung in register bawl nawnlo lel in, hici omsan phot ding hi hangh.
                I Zomi hihna pen laih thei lo ding hangh a, laih ngeilo ding hi hangh. Zomi bek tawh hong san leh bek register bawl ding tua ahih kei leh tutung hici omsan phot ding hi hangh.
4.       Register theih phot limlim nading in Zomi/ Chin zang vetlo zaw in mindang (neutral) dang khat (Gtn. United People’s Party, United Ethnic Nationalities etc.) zang in lut ding.
                Innkuan sung khat ah mothak lut khat a lungkim loh ciang leh, ama deih bang in hong kibawl loh ciang in nuaktai laulau in, taisan pahpah henla, nunglam bek ci leh bang hun ciang tua a masuante’ inntek bangkua sung ah inntek sem thei ngei ding hiam? Kawlgam pen ei kam in Kawlgam icih hang in, Kawlte’ gam bek hi zenzen lo hi. Kawlgam sung a om minam khempeuh, State khempeuh leh Division kempeuh sung a, Kawlgammi hihna a nei mimal khempeuh in I vek in I neih khopsa gam ahi hi. Kawlte bek inntek sak ding hilo a, amau bek inntek nading gam hilo in, ei zong I inntek na ding mun leh gam, i vek a I neih kop gam ahi hi.
                Kawlgam bup kiukna sung ah inntek I sep theih leh bek, a sung lam ah I lut leh bek I gam leh nam a ding in ki phulzo, ki sem zo ding a, ei leh eima tha bek tawh sau ki tungzo lo ding ban ah, i minam I neihsa in Zogam puah nading in kicing khin zo nailo hi. Tua mahbang in Kawlgam bup I kiukna leh, sum leh paai (budget) pen Kawlte bek I zeek ding, Kawlte’ omna munte bek a zat ding hilo a, Zomi te leh mualtungmi a dangte, minamdangte in zong I hawm khop, I zat khop ding eima piaksa, mipi’ sum, gam bup I sum ahi hi. Tua ahi man in tua bang sum leh paai, thu leh la zilna ah Kawlte leh midangte bek pum piaksawm lo in, ei mahmah zong inntek sep sawm in I kihel ding, I zeek khop ding eima luahsa gamh nam khat ahih lam I phawk ding kisam hi hi.
                Tu laitak Kawlgam sung ah Chin a deih khempeuh zong Zomi hilo khin tuanlo uh a, Zomi a deih khempeuh zong Chin hilo khin tuanlo uh hi. Cih nopna ah (shared identity) I neih man in Chin hi vet kei hang ci in 100% nial kilkel huai tuanlo a, Zomi hi lo ci in khat peuh in 100% ki daang koih thei tuanlo leuleu hi. Tua ahih leh tutung a kiteelna tung taang ah minam min vai tawh thang hong siah nuam uh a, hong awk sak nuam uh tawh kibang hi. Eima deih loh min bek tawh hong phal a, eima deih min tawh hong phallo citciat ahih nungsang un, Zomi min tawh register bawl ding ong deihlo uh cihna hi mai hi. Tua ahih man in hong dal leh vai hong tamsak Chin ahi a, Zomi ahi zong in, tua issue pen tu leh tu in hun tomno kal sung ah I nawh vaihawm gawp sang in, minam min zanglo zaw bilbel in, register I lut theih limlim nading in kipawlna min dang khat tawh lut hoih zaw kha ding hi. Gentehna (United People’s Party, United Ethnic Nationalities etc.). NLD mahmah zong Myanmar, Burma, Burmese ci-in minam min kihel tuan se lo lel hi. Minam min bek a kihel ding a deih ihi hiam ahih kei leh I mipi a ding in I sep nop man hi zaw hiam cih zong ki dot kik ding thupi khat ding hi. Tua ahih man in I minam min tatak Zomi pen thala in, nak kipat kik  nuam lua zaw ding ihih man in, tu leh tu a ni 10 sung khong bek I ngah sung in (emergency entrance) ici diam ah min dang khat tawh lut masa phot limlim ding a, ki nak pat mahmah sawm leng hoih zaw lo ding hiam?
                Bang hang bang hang hi ta leh, ei pawl tutung in lut kei leng I lawmte pawl khat in noptak na salua ding uh hi. Gam leh nam vai ah vaihawm nading thu bulpi, thu meilette a kipan, I gamsung ukna amau khutsung ah hong koih nuam pah mai ding uh hi. Ei leh ei natawm official in represent I kibawl theih loh khak ding lauhuai zaw hi. Tu in thudon kei leng, tuzawh kum (3) kikal in bang hong piang ding cih ki gen thei nailo tuan nailo hi. Tua bek thamlo in tu mahmah in a lut hi leng zong, I gam veng, I khua veng pawl khatte sang in nakpi in zekai khinzo ta hi hangh.  A zekai khin ihih lam theih napi in hun leh nite ngak behbeh lai ding hi nawnlo hi. I lawmten’ mual hong khupsan ma in, a manlang thei pen in I delh pak hun ding hun hoih khat a gahlai hi zaw lo ding ihi hiam?
Dotna leh Dawnna Ngaihsuttuah ding Etsakna
1. Tutung in register bawl nailo zaw ding in 2015 ciang in ki lim pat mahmah zaw ding.
-Zomi min tawh politics sung leh gam kiukna sung ah, khangthak hun ah i zekai mahmah khinzo ta a, bang tan vei, kua teng ngak lai mawk ding ihi hiam? A zekai khinsa khat in hun ngak lai leh bang hun ciang mi pha zo mawk ding ihi hiam?
2. Chin min khat peuhpeuh tawh register bawl masa phot lel in dam in lai kik sawm ding.
-Min laih thuemthum pen a hoih zaw ding ahi phial zong in lem khinlo hi. Lungsim zong kikhelkhel in, min pen laih themthum sang in i kipatma mah in i laih pakpak loh ding mah mailam thukhual in phuah ding ahi hi. Khat nei khin leng Zomi  ah i laih kik phial zong in i kipatna pen Chin mah hong tung kik veve ding suak ahih man in i tangthu hong hoih hetlo kha dinghi. Zomi ngeite hong kici lo ding a, Chin ngeite hong kici ding hi. Tua pen I ut takpi mah diam?
3. Zomi min mah tawh i ngah mateng in hanciam in, ngah kei leh register vetlo in nuaksan phot ding
-I deih khat pen I ngah madong hanciam ding ah hi. Ahi zong in hun ki toi in, gamtat ding kigak mahmah ahih man in tu in inntek va sem kawl kei leng, tu zawh kum (3) khit cing ki lengla suah ding a, I lawmte in mual na khum khinta in, hong paisan ta ding a, amau khutsung ah ki om thei maitak lai hi. Taikhua val khinzo lua ta hi. Bang tan vei ngak sawm lai ihi hiam?
4. Register theih phot limlim nading in Zomi/ Chin zang vetlo zaw in mindang neutral dang khat (Gtn. United People’s Party, United Ethnic Nationalities etc.).
-Zomi lah hilo, Chin lah hilo, minam min limlim zatlohna in Zomi nam itlohna leh taisanna hi tuanlo hi. Party khat I neih leh I party min in I minam min bek zang ding cihna zong om tuanlo hi. NLD te a kipan, America lam bang ci leng Democrat Party, Republican Party cih bang dan in, a gam leh minam in natawm kihello lai uh a, minam leh gam a ding in na tampi sem thei veve uh hi. Tua ahih man in minam min aki hello, inntek sem a, lut theih nading, mi dangte’ ut bangbang in zawhthawh bawl theih loh nading in, thu gen khuan, sep khuan neih theihna ding in a hun kitanma, a hun laplai in lut pak lo ding ihi hiam? Zomi leh Zogam in nang leh kei hong ngak khit zaw sawt lua khinta hi. En bang, kua ngak behbeh lai ding ihi hiam?
A kicing zaw in a nuai a mun ah kisim thei hi

Zomi nam vai in minambup vai ahi a, mimal vai leh party vai hilo hi

Zomi nam vai in minambup vai ahi a, mimal vai leh party vai hilo hi
A beisa hun kum tampi sung in Zomi te in politics ah i gualawh ding zah in i gualzaw lohna leh matuat zawh ding zah in i matut zawh nailohna pen mipi tawh i ton khop loh man hi ci leng ki khial lualo ding hi. Politics lam a sem ding party/ kipawlna i neih sunsun khat bek mah mipi in i lamen a, i ngak hi. Ahi zong in mipi in ma pangkhawm lo ahih ban ah, tua party/ kipalwna pen in mibup leh gambup tangmi hi zolo ahih man in minam bup vai hawmnate ah i gualzawh ding zah leh, i daupai ding zah in ki daupai lo suak hi kha ding hi. Minam leh gam kiuk mahmah napi in, gam leh nam a vei te lak ah a paikhialh lam uh aki theihlohna khat ah, “Zomi te gam vai ah, Zomi politician te bek in sem ding, tuate mah i ngak leh i muan leh i suan hi” cih thu ahi hi. 
Zomi politician te bek in a sep ding hi mawk leh, politician kician tatak a sem zo ding nak tawm mahmah a, sep ding lah nak tam mahmah ahih man in zozo ngeilo ding theihsa ahi hi. Tua ban ah, a omsa mipi’ tha, Zomi bup i thate politics a ding in zat theihlohna zong ahi hi. Bang hang hiam cih leh politics pen a uk akisa zawdeuhte in aituam bawl in, aipeng bawl khalo uh ahih man un, amau bek lampai uh a, koi mah tung zoilo in, bang mah pi sem zo lo uh hi. Tua pen tutung i tuahthute tungtawn pan in kiek kik ding kisam kha ta ding a, tutung buang in i mit a keuh kei leh, leitungbei dong i minam min ai in ki zekai suak kha thei ta ding hi. Tu laitak pen a nak thupit mahmah kikhelna sung ah i hluth hlaitak (crucial transition) ahih man in, kalsuan i khialh khakna khat a om leh tua in Zomi tangthu sung ah a bei ngei nawnlo ding belmang maw, mualsuang maw hong hi ta ding hi.
Zomi sung ah a tamzaqw tham in “Zomi nam vai in minambup vai ahi a, mimal vai leh party vai hilo hi” cih ki thei tek leh ki thukim pih tek napi in Zomi sung ah a tamzaw i kihelna biakna len mipi’ kipawlna (Civil Society Organization) te khong hong nawl khin a, hong thusim loh uh tak ciang in Zomi te khantoh nading lampu te in, i Zomi pen lam khang ken ah a kiat suk pih pih, a tuah suk pihpih ahi ta ihih lam i kiphawk ding deihna tawh hih lai hong ki gelh ahi hi.
Mipi tawh tonkhawm icih ciang in bang ahi ding hiam? 
ZNC bek in political platform hi ci in, nung in register a bawl ding hun natawm in zong mimal signature a thuh mi 7? bang zah hiam khat om ci, tuni dong a mi kua cih ki thei nailo dan hi leh kilawm hi. ZOMI cih pen mimal vai hilo in, minam vai ahi hi.Zomi Nationalism icih pen party vai ahih loh lam i theihsa hi a, a diakdiak in tuhun in kilang mamah ta hi.
Political platform a neite bek in Zomi nam a ding in kumpi sung ah register bawl ding ci in, nung kha sawn in ana hanciam uh a, ngaklo takpi cih kiza kik ta hi. Minam vai cih pen political a uk teng bek, or a expert teng bek in hong sep sawm a, hong aituam bawl takpi mah uh a, bang mah ciang ki tung zo tuanlo ahih lam tu peetpeet ciang kimu ta hi.
Mipi tawh ton khop loh tawh, bang mah piang zo tuan lo ahih lam lesson hoih tak khat imu thei ta hi. Politics tawh kisai kipawlnate bek in hong aituam bawl tak uh teh, ngahlo takpi pah hi hangh. A lesson ah:ZOMI MOVEMENT icih pen minam bup tawh kisai thu (responsibility) ahih lam a thei nailote in tun tung i tuah thu ah hong thei ta ding uh hi.
Politics bek a ukte in hong sep sawm takpi mah uha, hong thusim bawl phial mawk uh in, hong sim sep uh tawh bang mah ciang ki tuang zo tuanlo ahih lam zong kimu ta hi.
Zomi bup sung ah biakna nei 99.8% bang kihi ding a, tua ahih man in ZOMI BUP HUAM VAI KHAT PEUH, ZOMI NATIONAL MOVEMENT khat peuh a om ding ciang in tua 99.8% a pha mipi (Mipil, Misiam, Thuthei, Sumnei tampite) hong konlawh khak loh uh ciang in lam pakhial nahi ta a, a khialh lam pen tuhun in kithei ta ding uh hi. Tutung beek ah a ki theih nai kei uh leh, zekai khin lua ta hi.
Zomi bup lak ah 99.8% biakna mi, biakna nei ahihna tawh kizui in Zomi vai ding a vaihawm nuam khat peuh in tua majority ahi (99.8% population) a mit suan khak kei leh, a sep leh a bawl uh cihmah hun ciang tangtung ngei kholo zaw mai ding cih pen theihsa hi pah hi. Tua ahih man in Zomi kipawlna tampi lak ah politics lam tawh kisai a sem zaw deuh kipawlna khat leh nih khong bek nei kiukeu hang a, tua majority organization, majority population te in a tamzaw, mipi, biakna lam, Civil Society Organization leh Community te a mitsuan khak loh uh teh kensung kia tuno mah hong bang ahi hi. ZOMI NAM vai pen Aituam bawl ding hilo a, Aipeng ngaih ding ahi bek hi. Tua ahih man in Zomi NATIONAL MOVEMENT ah kipawlna khat bek, mimal khat bek cih ciang taw hi thei ngeilo a, mipi leh, mipi i kihelna mipi kipawlnate tawh a sep khop leh bek gualzawhna leh mapaina a nei thei/ zo pan ding ahi hi. Party ahi a, Kipawlna ahi zong in mipi tawh tonkhawm lo a, tangtat tawh bang mah ki sem zolo ahih lam i heih ciang in, mailam kalsuan nading ah bang sem ding, kua teng tawh semkhawm ding cih theih ding ahi ta hi.

Zomi Politics in Today’s Context

Zomi Politics in Today’s Context

‎”GZA/ LZI cihte in Political Platform hi lo mawk ahih manin…” cih zawzen ciang a kampau ding zah dong in a thumu lo a om lai teng in Zomi min tawh politics ah kuamah in bang mah pi hong sem zolo ding a, a beisa kum 20 in i mu khin a, tunai in zong kician tak in i muh beh hi. ZOMI cih a min hi ta leh, a mi hi ta leh mi si kawm melmol sa in it mawk lo ding hangh a, mit hak kawm silsel sa mah in nung leh mai, vei leh tak enkawm sa in, cim sinsn kawm in it ding ahi hi.
Politics tatak pen zu leh sa tawh sun leh zan mit sal nilnel a, biakinn natawm pai ngeilo, biakna sia te khong a zu kamnam tawh gen siasia te kiang khong pan hong picin suah zo ngeilo ding hi. Biakna siate leh tapidawte gensiasia pong a, pum phun sansan kawm tawh, ama theih loh lam natawm kitel lo a, biakna makaite khong a langpang te mipi in cikmah in muang ngeilo ding a, bel ngeilo ding uh hi.
Democracy icih khong, Politics icih khong pen gam khangtonate, a diakdiak America khong bang pen biakna Siate, Biakna makaite tung pan hong pungkhia hi zaw lai hi. Lai Siangtho sung mahmah ah zong “Democracy” kalsuan (democratic governance & human rights) zia te leh vai pai zia pen Piancilna (Genesis) sung pek ah a omsa ana hi gige zaw hi.