How do you believing in yourself when no one else believe in you?

How do you cope in times of facing calamity in your social relationship or social life.
The hardest time in life would be a time when you no longer believe in yourself.

The key to face the challenges of life in hardship is to BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!
That will change your circumstances. You may now allow the circumstances change you.

What if no one else would believe in you, but you alone?
The time you begin to think of believing in others or others believe in you how do you feel about it?

How do you feel when others do not believe in you?
Can you still believe in yourself in times of…?

By the time you give up, you are already loose but you will never be a looser though there will be winners until you give up.

Giving up is something, somewhat that makes permanent!
A saying would like this, “Many People Success when Others Do Not Believe in them, but rarely does a person success when he does not believe in himself.”

So, the key is clear that YOU STILL HAVE TO BELIEVE AND BE CONFIDENT IN/ YOURSELF regardless of…then you will survive and pass the test of time!

My One Desire

How I wish I could make everyone Happy because of me.
How I wish I could make the whole world Happy because of me.
How I wish I could change the way I live a bit different from what I’m now.
How I wish I could change my social status to a more…

Chances are not of a choice, dreaming but never weak up to make it true.
When will the time be perfect?
Waiting, Striking for the Dream but…um… its just a random thought.
Whew…How do you response when life is hectic?

A new beginning at MOSA

A new beginning at MOSA:
Myanmar Overseas Seafarer Association.
What is all about this? Why do I attend this training? What for?

Well, this is the common questions asked by my Zomi friends.
They’re eager to know about it as they have no clue of what is going on with me at present. Well, I’ve got have a chance for the interview at CTI for Lewis Cruise Line in Europe last December. Did I say Lwis? Yes, it will be an IT Job, they called it “IT Specialist job” on the ship. About 12 people interview from Myanmar passed for the job and we’ve in the process of applying for CDI.

Before applying it, we are required to have a certificate from MOSA. This is the brief history of why I go to MOSA. This training will last about one and half to two months from 8:30 to 12:00 Noon. I need to leave home at 7:45 and have lunch somewhere in the town after the training. I continue to work; go to my regular work from 12:30 to 8:30 PM to make it 8-working hours per day.

Do you think I’m happy for that?
Well, Yes. But tiresome since the work is at the right while the training is another thing. Fortunately, I’m totally free on Saturday and Sunday. So, typically Sunday and Saturday is a time for Family.

Do I enjoy at MOSA?
The rules are very strict there. We requested to wear only shirt and longi everyday. No talking during the meeting. We charge fee for late comers- of course for the fund per the instruction of the teachers. We’re about 60 people from different background, who are almost ready to go onboard. The teachers and the students voted me to be the class monitor there. Do I have additional task for being a class monitor? Not much a part form recording, organizing and helping the students, teachers for the class