You are my hero Honey!


Apart from being my wife, you are my HERO.
-You’ve helped me discover my value in life.
-You’ve helped me find my talent and gift.
-You’ve give me hope and dream.
-You’ve made my life shine again.
-You’ve helped me how to let things go and how to uphold what ahead.
-You’ve helped me to face the world.
-You’ve helped me find my way.
-You’ve taught me how to forgive.
…because of you, I got to know who I really am.

You’ve help me how to cherish the past, celebrate the present and transform the future together with our dear daughter- Ngaihngaih…

I love you and ka tanu so very much.

Handle with Prayer

Life is filled with many disappointments
Sometimes the load gets too heavy to carry
It’s more than you can bear
Give your fragile problem to the Master
Just stand on your knees and handle with Prayer

So many times we tried to solve our problems
We search for the answer in the world
But the answer is not there
JESUS will give the solution
Just bow on your knees and handle with Prayer

Take your problems to the one who calms the storm and water
Take it to the one who really cares
Take it to the one who made the Land
Just bend to walk on your knees again
Handle it with Prayer…