Zolia: Plots and Plans or Pots and Plates?

Zomite’ ngaihsutna ah “Numei” cih kammal ii nung ah bang teng om a tua zui in bang teng ngaihsutna nei uh ahiam?

“Ka naungek uh numei peuh hi” cih maw “Numei hi mawk ven” cih maw “Numei ci mawk leng…” cih ngaihsutna i ngei kha ngei hiam? Tanu nei kahih man in “sang kah ding, pilna zong a sang kei zong Pasal muh zawh na ciang ding khat sin sak ding… hong khang lian in ahun hong tun ciang Pasal nei in, a sin pilna a teek te a ding, midangte’ ading ahih manin sum tampi bei leh leiba thaang ba liang in hanciam pih kul kei etc…” cih bang ngaihsutna in na lung hong phawng kha ngei hiam? Ta numeite bel a pasalte’ a ding uh hi lel e, sum tampi bei in, suplawh, bailawh , gamdang ah pilna sin sak takpi ding maw…” cih bang ngaihsutna in na lungsim hong nawnkai sak kha ngei hiam?

Ih nisim nuntakna ah Zomi numei khat i mun koitak hi i ci ham? Bang cia zai a, bang tan sang hi ici hiam? Zomi numei khat ahih leh pilna ahih kei leh siamna (kivakna) khat peuh ahih kei leh a nih in thei ding, Pasal nei ding (nu leh pa’ vangik hong dawn suak pah), tu leh ta nei ding, zi hoih, nu hoih hi ding cih ciang bek na ngaihsun kha hiam? Zomi numei khat I nisim omna munkip pen- an huanna (kitchen), kuang sawpna bel tau kiim, puan sawpna bui buk leh inn nung lam cih ih ngaihsutna ah hong suak din den ngei hiam?

A leh lam in en kik leng anhuana anbuk, belt au, kuang sawpna mun leh puan sawpna mun pen Pasalte’ a ding hi masalo cih ngaihsutna na nei kha ngei hiam? Nu hoih khat I thupitna, akisapna leh a ma sep theih nate a thei khat in “tanu,” “numei,” “Zolia” khat I thupitna tam tel pen ding hi. Zi hoih zi thupi, zi kician a deihlo kua om ding ahi hiam? Paunak Lai Siangtho sung ah “zi hoh in suang manpha sang in manpha zaw a, zi hoih muh ding hamsa hi…” acih mahbang in numei khat in man, thupitna pen sum leh paai, suangmanpha tawh kiteh theilo hi.

Tangval khempeuh in “zi hoih” deih in, naupang khempeuh in “nu hoih” kisam ahih leh tua te hong piang theih na ding khaici bang a hong khang toto ding “tanu” “tanumei no” ih neih theih nading in i Zoliate nuntakna bang zah tak in “thupi” a “manpha” ahi hiam cih ih phawk kim ciat ding thupi hi.

“Zi hoih” na ngah theih na ding in “tanu hoih” ana om masak phot kul a (na sung/ na pute kiang pan), “nu hoih” hong om theih nading in “zi hoih” a om masak kul hi. Tua hi leh a piangsa “numei” (zi, nungak, tanu) te in bang zah in manpha in thupi hiam cih hong phawk sak hi. Tua a hih leh nikhat ni ciang in “Zolia hoih, zi hoih, nu hoih, mo hoih, teek hoih leh pi hoih” a suak ding tu laitak a ih tanu (neih lai ding te) ii nisim nuntakna, kampau, luheek, zia leh tong in bang zah in manpha a, thupi hiam cih hong kilang sak pha pha hi. Tua ahih leh Zoliate zi hoih, nu hoih suak ding ciang bek mah tawh lungkim takpi ding ihiam?
Zoliate’ mun koiciang hi na ci hiam? Nang leh nang e, koi mun ah na kikoih hiam?

Lai gelh gelh zeel khat in “a modern girl is more interested in plots and plans than pots and plates”  naci hi. Ih khawhsa leh ih vulhsa a khamlo ngei, singpua, tuitawi, singtom (sing ek’) in i nisim nuntakna nuam a sa khop, a buai khop Zogam lei tang pan a piang Zolite e leh? Khuapi sung leh gamdang pan a khangkhia Zolite e… Ih tunna sang lua in ih nuai lam ih muzo nawnkei kha hiam, ih dinna mun niamlua in a tunglam (saang lam) ih mu kha zo kei hiam? Ih kipat khiat masakna mun mahmah tual niam lua ahih man in sep theih, ih tun zawh ding pilna leh siamna khat ih tuum (geel) ngam loh khong a om kha hiam?

Zomi-te pen mualtungmi nam khat hong kicih zah khat in a sangpen na mun ah a omte (Kawlgam, Vaigam ah ih om zong in), khuapi sung ah om leng zong inn sangpennate mah ah a tengte hilo ihi hiam? Ih pian khiatna mun, ih kipatna mun ih khangkhiatna mun pen niam peuhmahlo hi. A sang lua na hizaw gige hi. Huih siangtho, mualdawn tung pan a tuaksuk minam te ihi hi.
Ih kipatna mun niam ci in lungneu in om kha het ken! Khuapi sung ah ih om leh zong mite sang a sangzawkna mun ah a tengte ihi hi. Ih pu leh pate’ gam lei ah zong khuapite sang a sangzaw, huih vot, huih namtui a tampenna mun, vasa, gampa, singkungte nopsakna mun Zogam suan leh khakte Zomi lia paalte ihi hi.

Ih omna mun, ih kipat khiatna mun sang mahmah napi ih lungsim neusak in, lungsim niam in lungkia in o mom lai mawk ding ihi hiam? Zolia khat ihih nak leh “umm leh beel” te ban ah “plots” and “plans” a suai suai dingte, minam nu, minam makai, gamnu, gam makai dingte hi mawk lo ihi hiam!
“Zolia aw, Zomi in nang hong deih hi.
Zomi aw, Zogam in nang hong ngak hi.
Zolia aw, na kha lum nuai ah Zomi leh Zogam hu inla…
Khangthak Zomi-te in Zogam Tunnu nang mah hong ngak lah hi!
Zogam leh Zomi khangtoh nading vangliatna nang tungah om hi Zolia aw!
Zomite nuntakna, pilna leh simna khantoh nading nangma geelsiam thiehna tung ah kinga hi.
Zomi leh Zogam bek thamlo, leitung bup ahu ding, leitungbup nuntakna khuavaak a pia dingin hun leh nite in Zolia nang mah hong kisam hi!”
Tg. Sianpu
March 15, 2008
Zolia (Lakam): Zomi Lia Paal, Zomi U Lian, Naupang

10-full days break for Water Festival in Myanmar

Well, I have my whole day break during the Water Festival.
It normally was about 6 days but starting from this year the holiday is for 10 days.
Wow, I could relax and enjoy my vacation starting from tomorrow.
It is a perfect time to spend a quality time with my Tanu and my Ngaihno.
Cool, cool, kwel…

Oh yea, I need to borrow some movies and wath with my family at home while eating Gatam and Vaimim ciim.


-Your parents introduce you to foriegners that you are a “chin”
-You speak a Zomi language when you are in the mission ningh, international night at your school.
-You display Zomi traditional dress at Open-House at your school without knowing much about what those beautifully colored costumes and dresses.
-Your CD case is flooded with Zomi songs, Zomi ngeina but don’t really know much about the people and the meaning of the songs.
-You Google the same keyword for more than 5 times a day which is “Zomi.”
-You search for the keyword “Zomi, Zogam” in Youtube.
-You don’t really like the dry soybean but you have to eat it anyway.
-You are not allowed to call your elders by thier full name.
-You think your parents are not smart enough in speaking English while you were trained to speak in Zomi with little understanding.
-You prefer to read stories and articles written in Zomi rather than English or Burmese, Indian etc.
-You think you are smart enough to cheat your parents but they won’t allows this to happen.
-You are advised to call “Pu/ Pi, Pa, Nu, Sia” to a stranger you do not really know much about.
-You need to sit and wait for your guests to go home late at night though you know that you are to wake up early in the morning but hesitant to tell them you are sleepy.
-The first word you are taught to say is “Dam maw?”
-The second word you are taught is to be able to say “anne khin maw.”-The third word you learn is “Mang pha, mang fa.”
-You are typing very fast but using only two finders when using the computer.
-You are to weak a traditional dress you seldom see people wearing it.
-You sing a Zomi song when you are to present the country of your own in internationa student night.
-You said you like “Gatam” but you don’t actually eat much even if you were provided.
-You said you like Be-ik but you don’t really want to carry on the plane.
-You said you like “ui sa” but you eat no more.
-The first thing that came to your mind is “ZONET” when you though of reading news.
-You spend quite sometime reading news and have late meals and sleepping time while you can’t keep yourself from not writing back to your own people.
-You often times skip your supper or eat your breakfast while driving on your way to work.
-You help one another.
-You can’t hold back yourself from not giving when you see a begger near by the street.
-You do a lot of self-talk when alone and people from a distance see you murmering something like “zomi,zomi, zomi.”
-You eat meals at the house of your relatives and you are about to finish eating but they put more rice in your plate by force which you can’t resist and you ate ‘am all anyway though you’re full up to your brim.
-You say “mangpha” for more than two times before one leaves.
-You tell your parents to dress up nice while they argue you to dress up properly in turn.
-You are so smart, and smart enough to write and speak in English but need to polish your writing in Zomi because you have not even attended 1st grade in Zolai.
-You think the first name of some peopel is “Taang” or “Lia” while you are not accustomed to use it.
-You concern for the well being of your people though they do not ask you for help.
-The only day you have been waiting for in a year to meet with friends is Zomi Nam Ni (Zomi National Day).
-The family reunion day is a long-awaited-holiday which falls on KHUADO Festival also falls on the same day with American Thanks giving day.

Whew, the list goes on and on…

Tg. Sianpu