ZOCIA Forum Finally Fixed!

Well, today is a great day after months and days of headaches because of the error found in http://zocia.org/forum

It was down for about what? Well, more than 6 months (probably) and I can’t believe I’ve given up with the mess in database conflict after transferring the the server to a new server.

It didn’t help any after trying different methods but finally was able to manage to fix. Its worth of trying again. I’ve learned to see that in life, obstacles, challenges will always be around but NEVER GIVEUP is the key. It makes sense now that even if I’ve left this project aside, after retouching it sometime later, its OK now!

Technical Support Means…

Technical Support & Repair

In order to provide the best technical support available, a multi-step approach has been developed. These steps include:

Assessment The first step in assessing the problem is listening to the end-user/client. Once the problem is described, the engineer will attempt to replicate the problem so it can be viewed first hand.
DiagnosisThe engineer will, through various test procedures, determine the likely cause of the problem. The client will receive a report as to the nature of the problem and the suggested course of action.
Resolution After receiving approval from the client, the engineer will perform the suggested “fixes” necessary to restore the computer to its’ desired working state.
Recommendations The engineer will make suggestions to help the client avoid similar problems in the future.

10-full days break for Water Festival in Myanmar

Well, I have my whole day break during the Water Festival.
It normally was about 6 days but starting from this year the holiday is for 10 days.
Wow, I could relax and enjoy my vacation starting from tomorrow.
It is a perfect time to spend a quality time with my Tanu and my Ngaihno.
Cool, cool, kwel…

Oh yea, I need to borrow some movies and wath with my family at home while eating Gatam and Vaimim ciim.